Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The AET60 BioCARDKey

The AET60 BioCARDKey, a smart card reader integrated with fingerprint technology, allows a biometric system to be affordable, flexible and secure via multi-factor authentication. Two- or three-factor authentication is achieved by the combination of fingerprint, smart card and PIN/password. Unlike fingerprint-only systems, a BioCARDKey-based system does not require extra provision of fingerprint algorithm, database, server and network connectivity, making set-up and maintenance simple. And by employing local-site authentication, the highly scalable BioCARDKey system facilitates any application or security upgrade.

AET60 SDK consist of:
* AET60 BioCARDKey – Smart card/fingerprint reader
* 10 ACOS3 24-KB microprocessor-based plug-in cards
* CD-ROM including drivers, source codes, demo software, tools and utilities, and reference materials