Friday, June 02, 2017

DSPi Digital Signage Player

DSPi is a commercial or non-commercial information viewer in the form of images or video.
Using a media monitor or LCD TV with a free size and positioned horizontally.
In this system there is a controller that is connected with LAN / WLAN network. The shape or physicality of the Controller is very minimalist so it can be placed on the back of the Main Display, with additional brackets for the controllers included in the package. That way can save space and make this DSPi becomes more look very compact and neat.
Then this product is very easy in installation, use and operation. Settings can be done on all PCs / gadgets contained in a LAN / WLAN network with the controller and a pre-installed web browser (such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer) on the PC / gadget. Live IP address, login, edit, and see the results, so easy and easy DSPi this.

- Can display information to monitor / TV screen with 1366x768 (landscape) resolution, using HDMI connection (for other interface can use converter).
- The DSPi screen consists of 5 sections: Header (corporate logo display), Media (view image or video information / advertisement), RSS Feed (weather information), Time, and Scrolling Text (designing text) that can be arranged.
- Has a website for display configuration that can be accessed by computers that are in one network, using a web browser (like Google Chrome).
- Connection to network using LAN / Ethernet or WLAN.
- Module has 3 physical buttons: Shutdown button to turn off system, IP Reset button to change IP reset to initial setting, and Run / Restart button to reboot DSPi system.

- 1x DSPi controller
- 1x Set mounting bracket
- 1x Adapter 5V 2A

Note: The monitor is not included in the sales package