Friday, June 09, 2017


Microsoft Kinect For Windows V2 is a sensory device from Microsoft that was created using depth-sensing technology. This device is equipped with digital cameras, infrared sensors, and array microphones that are useful for detecting the distance, movement, and sound produced by humans. The device can detect up to 25 points of movement of the skeleton of the human body (skeleton) and display its output data in the form of an animated video to the monitor. This device can easily be encountered on the game console XBox One made by Microsoft. But this time also has been compatible with computer operating system Windows 8 and Windows 10.

- Equipped with camera sensor, IR, and array microphone
- Supports video output with maximum resolution of 1080p Full-HD
- Carrying the latest design that is claimed to increase the ability detection skeletal movement
- Able to detect up to 25 points of the skeleton of the human body
- Supports detection of thumb, fingertips, and gestures open the lid of the palm