Thursday, May 11, 2017

Wireless Mini Queue System (WMQS) with console

Wireless Mini Queue System (WMQS) is the latest development of Mini Queue System (MQS). WMQS no longer uses cables for each caller queue button, but has used Wireless Key Fob which does not require cable installation.

WMQS is the best solution for managing queuing systems at affordable prices. WMQS is very suitable to be applied in public service places, such as bank, doctor's practice, pharmacy, etc.
WMQS uses 7Segment 2.3 inch which serves as a medium to display queue number information and counter number. This information is very important for the customer because through this view the customer gets certainty when it will be served.

In accordance with the word "mini" of WMQS queue products, then this queue system can only serve 1 type of queue from 8 counters / counter available. Each of these counters provided a wireless button that directly connected to the main controller to call the next queue number and make a recall of the queue number.

Product Features

  • Set 1 type of queue for 8 counters available.
  • Calculates the queue number from 001 to 999, after which it returns again to 001.
  • Queue number information is displayed on Main Display with 2.3 inch size that has been equipped with internal speakers.
  • The queue number will automatically be the initial number (001) when there is no power supply / powered off.
  • There is a preset function when first turned on, serves to set the queue number displayed.
  • Use the buzzer to make a queue number call.
  • Using Wireless Key Fob to dial the queue number.
  • It has a feature of calling the queue number (recall).