Tuesday, May 23, 2017

FT5X06 7inch Capacitive Touch LCD (D)

True Multi-Touch Capacitive Touch Panel Controller
The FT5x06 Series ICs are single-chip capacitive touch panel controller ICs with a built-in 8 bit micro-controller unit (MCU).They adopt the mutual capacitance approach, which supports true multi-touch capability. In conjunction with a mutual capacitive touch panel, the FT5x06 have user-friendly input functions, which can be applied on many portable devices, such as cellular phones, MIDs,
netbook and notebook personal computers. 


  • Mutual Capacitive Sensing Techniques 
  • True Multi-touch with up to 10 Points of Absolution X and Y Coordinates 
  • Immune to RF Interferences 
  • Auto-calibration: Insensitive to Capacitance and Environmental Variations
  • Supports up to 28 Transmit Lines and 16 Receive Lines
  • Supports up to 8.9” Touch Screen
  • Full Programmable Scan Sequences with Individual Adjustable Receive Lines and Transmit Lines to Support Various Applications
  • High Report Rate: More than 100Hz
  • Touch Resolution of 100 Dots per Inch (dpi) or above -- depending on the Panel Size
  • Optional Interfaces :I2C/SPI
  • 2.8V to 3.6V Operating Voltage
  • Supports 1.8V/3.3V IOVCC
  • Capable of Driving Single Channel (transmit/receive) Resistance: Up to15K Ω
  • Capable of Supporting Single Channel (transmit/receive) Capacitance: 60 pF
  • Optimal Sensing Mutual Capacitor: 1pF~4pF
  • 12-Bit ADC Accuracy
  • Built-in MCU with 32KB Program Memory, 6KB Data Memory and 256B Internal Data Space
  • 11 Internal Interrupt Sources and 2 External Interrupt Sources
  • 3 Operating Modes ~ Active ~ Monitor ~ Hibernate
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C