Friday, May 05, 2017

Coollang Xiaoyu 2.0 Smart Badminton Sensor

Coollang Xiaoyu 2.0 Smart Badminton Sensor
A device that serves to monitor your badminton sports activities. This device takes advantage of gyroscope and accelerometer sensors to capture movement on your racket, then the data obtained will be delivered to in real-time to your smartphone.
This device will collect essential data such as speed, radians, and the number of calories burned during the badminton sport is in progress. In addition, this device can also detect 6 types of badminton movement performed by the user, such as smash, elevator, clear, slice, and drive.
All the data will be displayed to the smartphone screen with an attractive and interactive user interface, so you will be more at ease lingering play badminton.

- Equipped with gyroscope sensor and accelerometer to track racket movement.
- In full condition, the battery can be used for 5 hours non-stop or 30 hours stand by
- Equipped memory of 8 Mb which can record up to 100,000 swings / 6 hours of game
- Using Bluetooth 4.0-based data-based transmitters that are energy efficient
- Supports 3D motion animation (via software called "Intelligent Badminton")
- Supports Android and iOS operating system