Friday, May 19, 2017

Super_Mini PIR Motion Sensor

Passive Infra Red (PIR) sensor with a very small dimension that is only 27 mm x 10 mm. This sensor detects infrared waves emitted by the human body at a radius of 5 meters and then sends the data to the microcontroller in the form of TTL signals. It is ideal for building security applications.

- The size is smaller than the AA battery, which is only 27 mm x 10 mm only.
- 10 mm lens diameter
- Supports working voltage between 3 - 5 VDC
- The output data is TTL signal
- Very low current consumption, ie only 1 mA - 2 mA (standby) and 10 mA (when detecting the object)
- Radius sensory far enough that is in the range of 5 meters.
- The angle of the beam is 140 degrees
- Sensory frequency of 1 Hz