Friday, September 14, 2012

Picoscope 2205 25MHz USB Oscilloscope

Picoscope 2205 (2-channel 25MHz USB Oscilloscope with 100kHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator)

A complete test and measurement lab
Your PicoScope 2200 is not only a powerful dual–channel oscilloscope: using the same PicoScope software for Windows that comes with our high–end scopes, you can also use your PicoScope 2200 as a multimeter, spectrum analyzer, function generator and arbitrary waveform generator (AWG)

With the PicoScope 2200 range of entry–level USB oscilloscopes you get an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and arbitrary waveform generator all in one powerful and affordable device.

These compact, inexpensive oscilloscopes have all the power you need for your application, whether it’s design, research, test, education, service or repair. They are available with bandwidths from 10 MHz to 200 MHz and offer the features and performance of scopes that are several times their size — and their price.

Unparalleled performance
The PicoScope 2200 range includes the first USB–powered oscilloscopes capable of sampling at one gigasample per second. Previously such high sampling rates were only available on mains–powered scopes, and never available on entry–level devices. For repetitive signals the sampling rate can be increased to as much as ten gigasamples per second using equivalent–time sampling. These high sampling rates combined with the ability to store up to 40,000 samples in the scope’s buffer memory and analogue bandwidths of up to 200 MHz make the PicoScope 2200 range suitable for use in a wide variety of applications.

  • Up to 1 GS/s real–time sample rate
  • Up to 10 GS/s repetitive signal sample rate
  • Up to 200 MHz bandwidth
  • Up to 40,000 sample buffer memory
  • Small footprint — ideal for field work
  • Built–in Arbitrary waveform generator (AWG)
  • Free software updates
  • 5–year warranty (factory)