Monday, September 17, 2012

GPS shield & data-logger

This shield supports any of four popular GPS modules and stores data on a standard DOS-formatted SD flash memory card. Simply plug it into your computer when you've finished your data capture and the plain text files are ready for importing into Google Earth, GPSvisualizer, or a spreadsheet.

GPS Shield for Arduino suitable for applications of GPS logger is equipped with connectors for SD / MMC card for data storage.

- Power supply: 5VDC
- Suitable for GPS module: EM-406A, EB-85A, FV-M8, A1035-D and Lassen iQ.
- Integrated with slot SD / MMC
- The GPS readings can be directly imported into Google Earth, GPSVisualizer or spreadsheet


  • Power consumption: 5V @ ~70mA (less if power-saving methods are used)
  • Approximate run times: 3 hours on a 9V battery and up to 12 hours with a MintyBoost (I'm still in the process of getting real data)
  • Weight of shield, card, suggested GPS module, and Arduino: 2.6 oz / 75g
  • Included example sketches show how to parse NMEA sentences, and log data to a text file on card