Friday, November 19, 2010

KHR 3HV Humanoid Robot Kit

Kondo Kagaku has released the brand new KHR-3HV, a new design, a new frame, new servo interface, much more DOF, a new stylish robot that will dramatically change once more. The base robot includes 17 servos (DOF) + 5 Dummy servos that allow for easy expansion up to 22 DOF. The robot is assembled from the start with the 22 servos in place (17+5), a feature unique in the Humanoid market. The dummy servos can be progressively replaced with real servos to make for up to 22 DOF.

The long arms and legs (achieved with the use of 22 servos) make for the tallest KHR ever, with an exceptional performance. Another advantage of using 22 servo cases from the beginning is that all gaits you develop and create will still perform sucessfully as you upgrade to 22 DOF.

RCB-4HV and ICS 3.0
The new micro controller board RCB-4 enables the control of up to 35 serial servos.
It is compatible with ICS3.0 (serial) servo protocol and a wide range of options parts. The board also includes several extension ports (10x A/D and 10x PIO) which enable the use of a wide range of sensors and extension options.

KHR 3HV uses KRS-2555HV servos, the first Kondo servo to use ICS 3.0. The use of a serial protocol allows the connection of several servos in a Daisy chain. By connecting in a Daisy chain the number of cables is very reduce and therefore prevents troubles regarding disconnection and improves cable routing.

KRS-2555HV Servo Specs:
* Maximum Operating Angle 270º
* Maximum Holding Torque (11.1V)
* Speed 0.14s/60º (11.1V, under no load)
* Size 41x21x30.55 mm
* Weight 41.5g
* Operating Voltage 9V~12V

New Frame
A design to ease and to smooth the folding of the knee has been enhanced. Thanks to the new design, the robot can retract and stand up faster from a sitting pose. The use of materials such as aluminium, polycarbonate and ABS with incorporation of Glass allow for lighter yet robust frames.

Improved Angles and Servo Arms
Thanks to the strengthened servo arms, the robot is more resistant to shocks and thus become a real ally during robot competitions.

Body Cover
The main frame cover is made out a light ABS plastic. It is easy to change to another body frame for customization and modding. Thanks to the slim body, the user can handle the robot more easily.

Dummy Servos
The robot comes fitted with five dummy servos in strategic places for extension (chest/torso, arms) and is assembled with these static servos in place for the first minute to build the robot's tall and slim figure. You simply need to replace the dummy servo with the optionally available KRS-2552HV servos for added DOF. This new faculty enables the user to easily add new degrees of freedom and set up new capabilities for the robot.

Servo Head
The new design of the servo head makes it possible to assemble it naturally to the shoulder. It is meant to give the robot a more intrepid style.

Bath tub Sole
The new design of the sole gives a more secure walk.

The new design of the back pack enables an easier maintenance of the robot. The user will be able to easily add sensors and motors.

A nickel battery 10.8V-800mAh has been included. With the "fast charger" included the battery takes only one hour to charge.

New Software - Heart to Heart 4
Heart to Heart software has been upgraded to version 4 and now includes new motions and a new type of programming. The new software also includes "project management" features for improved collaboration and performance in team competitions.