Wednesday, November 24, 2010

CL400 , handheld Fiber Optic inspection scope

CL400 is a coaxial illuminated handheld fiber optic inspection scope. Fiber optic inspection microscopes are used to inspect the end face of a connector or cleaved fiber. There are two major types of fiber microscopes available; one is for fiber termination inspection and the other is for inspection of installed connectors on patch panels and hardware devices.
The typical magnification level is 200X or 400X for single mode fiber applications. with 400x magnification you can clearly see scracthing, dig, dirt deposit, debris and other contaminations.

  • CE approval
  • LED Illumination
  • vesatile adapter interface
  • clear bright image
  • smooth focus control
  • momentaru push button on/off switch
  • laser filter installed for eye protection

  • Rubber housing , anti slip
  • optical magnification 400 times
  • power source AAA 3X battery ( not included )
  • light source: white LED rated for 100,000 hours
  • weight approx. 0.5Kg
  • size: 225X (long) 32Xmm (diameter)
  • control: momentary on/ off switch for light source , fine focus controll wheel
  • safety filter: built in IR filter
  • adapter interface: user interchangeable adapters