Thursday, September 18, 2008

RS Femisapien™

RS Femisapien™, the latest in the line of sophisticated, walking, talking, personality packed robots from WowWee™. Intelligent and interactive, RS Femisapien speaks her own language called “emotish” which consists of gentle sounds and gestures. There is no remote required; interact with her directly and she responds to your hand gestures, touch, and sound.


  • RS Femisapien has 3 main function modes, each corresponding to a different head position. Tilt her head in the desired direction and her function mode will change!
  • In Attentive Mode, RS Femisapien interacts directly with you. She will slow pose, be your back-up singer, introduce herself, dance with you, and even blow kisses.
  • In Learning Mode, teach RS Femisapien a sequence of movements that she can perform for you, up to 80 steps long! RS Femisapien is also pre-programmed with a number of precise functions and sounds that can be used as part of her program routine, including striking poses, holding and presenting thin objects such as business cards (not included)
    and blowing kisses!
  • Responsive Mode is RS Femisapien’s main walking mode; she can interact with your sounds or perform comedy routines. She will also detect objects at neck level, and stop when something is in her path. And, she can even respond to your hand gestures as you wave in front of her!
  • RS Femisapien features responsive 4-way joystick hands. Each hand can be moved forward, backward, inward or outward to initiate various actions. Depending on Femisapien’s head tilt, each hand position combination differs.
  • Acts as your own personal back-up singer with her “Shoop” feature. Sing aloud or play music, and when in range (within 3 feet /1 m) of any sound source, she will move her hips and arms to the music and
    sing a back-up tune.


  • Comes loaded with 36 functions and 20 interactive routines, so you will constantly be entertained. There are also 59 “hidden” functions to explore!
  • RS Femisapien can communicate with, and even control, other WowWee robots, including the original Robosapien™!
  • RS Femisapien will converse with you; speak clearly within approximately 3 feet (1 m) of her, and she will “chat” with you!
  • Can be used with both the WowWee Roboremote™ controller and the Robosapien robot’s remote controller (both sold separately) for interactive routines.
  • Features a Standby Mode to conserve battery power.
  • RS Femisapien has four adjustable volume settings.
  • 5 x motors
  • 4 x position switches in each joystick hand access up to 56 functions
  • 1 x IR receiver
  • 2 x IR transmitters
  • 1 x microphone to detect words, music and sharp noises
  • 1 x speaker with nearly 90 seconds of sound
  • 2 x tilt sensors for forwards and backwards fall detection
  • Ages: 8+
Technical Specifications
  • Product Length: 4” (10.2 cm)
  • Product Height: 15” (38.1 cm)
  • Product Width: 8” (20.3 cm)
  • Product Weight: 1.5 pounds (0.7 KG)
Battery Requirements*:
  • 6 x AA alkaline batteries
  • *Batteries not included