Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BC-2018M Fingerprint Access Controller / Card Reader

Fingerprint Access Control system
Features :
Increased security with 2-determinant authentication;
Unlimited users
Mifare contact-less card supports
Compatible with other access control systems such as BC-6000 ;
No performance penalty ;
As the streamlined fingerprint verification device, gives you arefreshing experience other than traditional access control devices.Without keypad and monitor, it allows users to get authorized by theunique fingerprint combined with the contact-less card. It can captureand verify the identity with high speed and no more keypad-touch isneeded. BC-2018M is deemed to provide the accuracy and security to youall
Attractive outlook and compact moudule design with competitive price .
Local capacity:800 fingerprint templates ;
Verificationmode:1:1 or 1:N ;
Sensor: Optical ;
Output1 :relay 3A/12V DC
Output2 Wiegand26/34
Power:12V DC ,stay current:150ma;
Identification speed :<=2 seconds; FRR:<=1%; FAR:<=0.0001%; 3 LED,12 Key, Backlight;
Building door access control
Lift/elevator access control;
Bank vault guard
Military firearm access control
Prison management
Membership management