Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PM-6750-M1-8D RS232 Mifare Card Reader / Access Controller / Time Attendance

# Features:
Mifare Card Reader / Access Controller / Time & Attendance Recorder 3 in 1 design, supports stand-alone or intelligent PC on/off-line operation.
# Built-in reader module, and provides a standard Wiegand input for external reader (PUA-310/M, or PP-110/M) for in/out access control, and anti-pass back function, also comes with 24/36/48 hours anti-pass back reset function.(optional function)
# Support the reading of Mifare card (credit card size and easy for color printing) and Mifare keyfob.
# With 256kb nonvolatile memory for 6,000 cards and 8,000 events(expandable with 4 Mb flash memory for 15,000 card & 32,000 events) for 6-10 digits I.D. with 4 digits PIN, personal time zones, staff numbers and name.
# Operation modes: 1. card only 2. card and PIN 3.keying only (by card number and PIN) 4.auto operation mode by time zones 5. personalized operation mod(optional) 6.auto free access
# Card can be added / deleted / inquired in single / block of range or by read & learning by manual operation or via PC.
# 2 lines x 16 LCD for displaying system parameters and personal maps when setup or inquiry, such as: date, time, duty name, buffer counter, card number, and user name. And support printout for all events logging by connecting the serial output to PG-1050B printer adaptor.
# System parameters and personal maps editing with keypad thru 6 digits master PIN, also can be uploaded / downloaded via on-line PC.
# Multiple networking system can be configured to control up to 160 doors with supports of working with PCP832-XX multi-channel controller. Thousands access controllers system can be easily configured thru PC-T100 (TCP/IP converter) for Web networking.
# With 2-6 transparent user selectable duty keys and another two digits 79 user definable duty codes with duty description names. Duty code can be automatic shifted by 8 scheduled time zones.
# With 168 time alarm for bell schedules and 96 holiday schedules.
# With card valid time restriction function.
# With check repeat reading function to prevent repeating
reading within 1-9 minutes.
# With error message logging, such as: PIN error, card number error, invalid card, time zone mismatch, door monitoring time too long, alarm monitoring.
# Keypad lockable by master PIN and selectable Anti-duress code function to enhance security.
# Warning message “Ful 99%” prompt on LCD display for collecting data.
# Auto power reset with watchdog timer and low power RTC design, data retention for 10 years while power failure.
# Optional function: guard patrol function, digital door driver (DDR)
Card type ISO 14443 Mifare A type card, or Keyfob
Frequency 13.56MHz
On-line interface RS-232C, RS-422 or RS-485, TCP/IP
Baud rate 300-115,200 bps, N,8,1 (default 4,800 bps)
Card holders/events 6,000 card holders / 8,000 events ( 256kb) ; optional: 15,000 card holders / 32,000 events ( 4mb )
Indicators Bicolor (red/green) and amber LEDs, multi-tone buzzer
Display LCD module with 16 characters x 2 lines
Mounting Surface mount with waterproof
Enclosure material / color ABS / dark grey
Keypad 4 x 3 numeric keypad, waterproof
Inputs 3 inputs for external reader, push button, door monitoring, burglar zone monitoring
Outputs 5 outputs for door release, alarm, printer output, tamper switch, and door bell
Power Supply 12V DC, 150 mA (Linear power supply recommended)
Operation temperature -10°C ~ 55°C
Humidity 10%~90% RH, Non condensation
Dimensions 137(L) x 85(W) x 25(H) mm
Weight 340g±5%