Tuesday, January 03, 2017

LX-007E Micro-computer hand acupuncture point detector

LX-007E is a modern acupuncture tool that uses sophisticated computerized technology with elegant design. LX-007E is packed in aluminum box measuring 25 x 19 cm with a fairly light weight, which is only about 1.6 kg. LX-007E is very suitable as a therapeutic tool / body relaxation for those who have a routine frequency.

- As detection and treatment through acupuncture points of the hands and feet.
- Detect organs troubled early
- Detect the blood channel is not smooth and clog
- Able to provide therapy to the acupoints hand, the high-frequency therapy
- Ability to acupoints foot therapy, a low frequency (foot massager)
- Massage reflexi on the whole body, with patches available, just paste on the sore area
- Can be used for therapy through the acupuncture points of the ear (ear therapy)