Tuesday, January 03, 2017

SN75C3238EDBR chip

SN75C3238EDBR a multichannel RS-232 line drivers / receivers. The power consumption in the IC can be adjusted by turning off the serial port and driver inputs. In addition, the power consumption will automatically go down when the pin FORCE ON FORCE given a logic LOW and OFF by logic High. With these capabilities, the IC is suitable for batteray-Powered System, PDAs, Notebooks, Subnotebooks, Modem and Printers.

- Power supply: 3 .3 V - 5.0 V
- Function: Transceiver
- Duplex: Full Duplex
- Number of drivers: 5
- Number of receivers: 3
- Data rate: 1000 Kbps
- Packaging: SOIC-28
- Voltage ESD: 15 Kv
- Features: ESD Protection, Auto Powedown Plus.