Saturday, August 08, 2015

Robo Kit Series

Robot Kits are designed for children ages 8 and up. It is thoughtfully created to develop skills and knowledge in robotics. Each kit contains CPU, DC Motors, Sensors and many more to have students build their own robots with bolts and nuts. Programming of the robot is done with Rogic Program, which is developed in GUI environment for easy understanding and enjoyment. The Rogic Program is available on PC, as well as Smartphone and Tablets in Android and iOS. With many options, students can continue their programming excitements everywhere they go.

Students can understand complex programming within the GUI environment in the Rogic Program. It is designed with a flowchart concept, which builds in-depth logical thinking and math skills. 

The Rogic Program will help to control everything from simple functions to complex functions. It also introduces the C-Language, which leads to more professional and technical details of the programming.

Robo Kit 1 is a beginner course of the Robo Kit series, designed to help students learn the basic knowledge of assembling robots, as well as principles of electricity and electronic structure, all in process of making their first robot. Using simply a driver and nuts and bolts, students will have opportunities to build their own robots from scratch. Likewise, Students also can learn about various types of components, such as LEDs, buzzers, DC motors and the basic function of sensors. Besides assembling, students will also be introduced to the GUI Rogic Program. Students will learn easy programming processes and understand concepts of coding and various movements through Rogic Program with PC, Smart Phone, or Tablet.

Robo Kit 2 includes Upgrade Kit 1-2, which allows upgrade from Robo Kit 1. This course introduces more complicated programming of robots with additional parts. Robo Kit 2 includes Servomotors and IR sensors, which introduce more movement and sensibility, limited only by the student's own creativity. Each of the robots includes the ability to program new chips in Rogic Program. Students will find it fun to see more complex programming.

Kit 2 can make total 21 Robots. Kit 2 includes 10 additional robots from Kit 1.

Robo Kit 3 includes Upgrade Kit 2-3, which allows upgrade from Robo Kit 2. At this level, students will be introduced to a high speed DC motor along with more sensors. In this course, students can coordinate fancy robots with accessories to compete in class or at home.

Kit 3 can make total 31 Robots.Kit 3 includes additional 21 Robots from Kit 1 & Kit 2.

Robo Kit 4 includes Upgrade Kit 3-4, which allows upgrade from Robo Kit 3. In this course, students will be introduced to assembly and driving of a more complicated structure by using the interface board, which supports longer power. With extra servomotors and parts, students can also program more complex and exciting motions for the robot. Robo Kit 4 includes more missions in each chapter as well as more complex programming through Rogic.

Kit 4 can make total 39 Robots.Kit 4 includes additional 31 Robots from Kit 1, Kit 2 & Kit 3.

Robo Kit 5 includes Upgrade Kit 4-5, which allows upgrade from Robo Kit 4. In this course, students will be introduced Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth module will help wireless communication in a short distance between robot and students. Students will learn the difference between IR communication and Bluetooth. Using Bluetooth Chip in the Rogic Program, Students will be able to control their own robot from distance.

Kit 5 can make total 47 Robots.Kit 5 includes additional 39 Robots from Kit 1, Kit 2, Kit 3 & Kit 4.

Robo Kit 6 includes Upgrade Kit 5-6, which allows upgrade from Robo Kit 5. In this course, students will use all previous programming skills and parts at a professional level. Students can study a more complicated program that is necessary to control the robot in-depth. More accessories will help to create more robust robots and allow students to compete with family and friends to see which robot has more programs to complete their missions first.

Kit 6 can make total 52 Robots. Kit 6 includes additional 47 Robots from Kit 1, Kit 2, Kit 3, Kit 4 & Kit 5.

Upgrade kit is designed for flexibility of students who already have Robo Kit 1 to move on to the next level. Upgrade Kit consists of additional parts that are required in the next level of Robo Kit series. Currently, Robo Kit upgrades are 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5 and 5-6. All upgrade kits include textbook for the next level.

If you have Robo Kit 1
With Upgrade Kit 1-2, you can create 11 more robots
If you have Robo Kit 2
With Upgrade Kit 2-3, you can create 11 more robots
If you have Robo Kit 3
With Upgrade Kit 3-4, you can create 11 more robots
If you have Robo Kit 4
With Upgrade Kit 4-5, you can create 8 more robots
If you have Robo Kit 5
With Upgrade Kit 5-6, you can create 8 more robots

Purchasing of Upgrade Kit will help students with Robo Kit 1 to move up to the next level without re-purchasing Kits they already have.