Wednesday, August 05, 2015


Dynamixel Pro L54-30-S400-R is an intelligent actuators integrated industrial quality with reduction system, controller, and communication driver matching network to create a modular robot with specifications:
- Reduction of cycloidal gear types that can be removed
- Control the position, velocity and current consumption
- Torque control using current sensor
- PID control to detect the position
- The maximum resolution of 4906 steps / one full rotation motors

  • Electrical current sensing based control
  • Internal temperature sensing
  • Position-based command
  • Torque-based command
  • Speed-based command
  • Straight Cycloid type detachable reduction gear various options will be available in the future (Straight, Right Angle, Belt)
  • RS-485 communication layer - various communication options will be available in the future (RS-485, CAN, TTL, Ethercat)
  • Various optional frames