Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Disposable Wristband UHF RFID Tag

This tag RFID wristbands are disposable and are widely used for applications:
- Packaging in airports.
- Serves as an admission in places of entertainment / excursions.
- Tracking of patients in hospitals.
- Etc.

- Communication Protocol: ISO18000-6C (EPC Class 1 Gen 2)
- Data Security: 10 years.
- Delete / Write: 100,000 times.
- Working temperature: -40°C ~ +70°C

Technical parameter
Communication ProtocolISO18000-6C(EPC Class 1 Gen 2)
Operating Frequency860MHz~960MHz
Data Retention10years
Erase-Write times100 thousands times
Working Range10cm~5m(depends on antenna gain)
Dimension4.8 in×1.3 in×0.5 in Or 11.5 in×1.3in×0.5in
Operating Temperature-40℃~+70℃
Storage Temperature-60℃~+80℃