Sunday, May 24, 2015

Robotis OP2 Open Plattform humanoid project

Robotis OP2 is the latest version of its predecessor, known as the Darwin-OP.

Some features of this OP2 Robotis:
- Standard running speed: 24 cm / sec.
- Standard stand speed: 2.8 seconds (from facing down) and 3.9 seconds (from facing up). Users can modify the speed.
- Processor: Intel Atom Dual Core N2600 @ 1.6 GHz.
- RAM: 4 GB DDR3 (can be replaced).
- Storage: 32 GB mSATA half-size (can be replaced).
- Management controller (CM-740): ARM Cortex-M3 STM32F103RE @ 72MHz.
- 20 actuator modules (6 DOF leg 3 DOF arm x2 + x2 + 2 DOF neck).
- Using actuators Dynamixel MX-28T.
- Easy to perform repair / maintenance.
- Standby Mode to save power consumption.
- 1 Mbps high-speed Dynamixel bus to joint control.
- Using a 1800 mAh LiPo batteries (can be used approximately 30 minutes).
- 3-axis gyro, 3-axis accelerometer, buttons x3, x2 microphone detection.
- LAN speed: 1 Gbps.
- OS Support: Linux 32 bit and Windows 32 bit.
- WiFi: 802.11n (only 2.4 GHz only).

Open Platform (Hardware and Software)
- Mechanics Information
  (Dimensions, Kinematics, Dynamics, CAD data)
- Electronics Information
  (Controllers, Sub B/Ds, Schematics, Part Information)
- Software Information
  (Development Environment, Framework, Source Code)
- Management Information
  (Detailed Assembly Diagrams, User Manintenance Guide)
- Community Resources
  (User-developed Code, Various Application Examples)

Comparative specs
(discontinued line)
CPUIntel Atom Z530
@1.6GHz single core
Intel Atom N2600
@1.6GHz dual core
(fixed capacity)
204-pin SO-DIMM module
storage4GB NAND flash IDE100
(fixed capacity)
32GB half-size mSATA module
LAN speed100 Mbps1 Gbps
Installable OSLinux only (32-bit)any Linux release (32-bit)
any Windows release (32-bit)
wi-fi802.11g802.11n (2.4GHz-only)

Visual differences with ROBOTIS OP
The overall appearance on ROBOTIS OP2 remains largely unchanged with respect to ROBOTIS OP.
The only difference is the mini HDMI port connector from ROBOTIS OP2. Also, the location of the ports differ from ROBOTIS OP2 with respect to ROBOTIS OP. The Mode, Start, and Reset buttons remain unchanged. ROBOTIS OP2 lacks the 3.5cm microphone and audio jacks. In practice these were not implemented with ROBOTIS OP so the loss of these ports from ROBOTIS OP2 will not affect robot operations.

Advantages of ROBOTIS OP2 compared to ROBOTIS OP
As stated above the changes come in the form of an updated PC. The advantages of the new PC are listed as follows:

• user-replaceable SSD
• user-replaceable RAM
• increased compute power (obviously)