Friday, January 10, 2014

DYNAMIXEL Pro H54-100-S500-R

The DYNAMIXEL PRO line of Robot Actuators is ROBOTIS's new solution for full-scale robots. These new actuators have incredibly high power and precision, making them ideal for for everything from advanced robotics to industry applications. Using ROBOTIS's frame system for the DYNAMIXEL PRO, you'll be able to rapidly create a variety of different systems and products. These new servos sport position, speed, AND torque based commands.
The H54-100-S500-R is one of the first DYNAMIXEL PROs being made available. It uses a RS-485 communication protocol, a 500:1 Gear Ratio, and a Straight Angle gear type. Variant options will be available in the future. There is a 8-10 week lead time for DYNAMIXEL Pro Robot Actuators. Please call us for pricing and delivery information.


  • Electrical current sensing based control
  • Internal temperature sensing
  • Position-based command
  • Torque-based command
  • Speed-based command


Dynamixel Robot ActuatorH54-100-S500-R
Rated Voltage24 V
No Load Speed35 RPM
No Load Current1.08 A
Continuous Operation Speed32.1 RPM
Continuous Operation Torque39.131Nm/399kg-cm
Continuous Operation Current9.505 A
Maximum Output Power262.66 W
Resolution502,000 Steps/Turn
Gear Ratio502
Backlash3.8 arcmin
Operating Temperature5-55 ℃
Dimensions54 x 54 x 126mm
Operating Temperature730g