Monday, February 11, 2013

Robot Line Follower Base Board

Robot Line Follower Base Board is a version of the previous product, the Line Follower Robot. The difference between the two products is the absence of Kit-wheel drive and a sensor module detection line on Line Follower Robot Base. As for the programming side, layout, schematic is the same as the product Line Follower Robot. The presence of this product is very helpful for robotics enthusiasts to modify this robot kit using another Kit wheel to fit the application to be developed. Line Follower Robot is a wheeled robot kit designed specifically for the application of line follower. This robot kit is suitable as a means of learning about line follower robot for entry level to the learning algorithm for advanced programming.

- Based ATmega168 microcontroller.
- Equipped with an internal motor driver SN754410 dual H-Bridge.
- No Kit comes with front or rear wheel drive.
- Not equipped with sensor detection kit line.
- Equipped with LCD 8x2 character that serves as a medium of information.
- Provided communication line RS-232 UART.
- Available in 3 pieces that serve as an input switch and reset.
- There is a 5x2 ISP port that serves for charging into the microcontroller program code.
- Have 1 piece On-Off switch that will make it easier to decide or connect the power supply to the circuit controller.
- Requires power supply from 6 AA batteries (1.2 Vdc or 1.5 Vdc).
- There is an example program in C language which can be directly used for the application of line follower.
- Setting the parameters / sensor logic can be easily set using the GUI software that can run on a PC (Windows OS).
- Program in the microcontroller can be changed / modified as needed.
- The use of sensors and motor modules can be replaced as needed by using the sensor module and the motor of the Innovative Electronics or other appropriate product.