Thursday, February 28, 2013

GPS/GPRS/GSM Module V2.0 (Arduino Compatible)

GPS / GPRS / GSM Shield for Arduino and Arduino Compatible. This module is equipped with a module GSM / GPRS Quad-band for data communication. Additionally shield is also integrated with GPS Receiver 42 channel. With this module, the data from the GPS can be easily sent to the control center via the GPRS module.

- Power supply: 6VDC - 12VDC
- GSM / GPRS (Quad-Band)
- GPRS multi-slot class 10
- Setting GPRS module through ATcommand
- SMS Text menu or PDU
- 42 channel GPS
- Output GPS data via serial communication.
- Wireless GSM / GPRS / GPS can be via Arduino or via PC.
- Integrated with internal antenna, no longer need an external antenna.