Friday, February 10, 2012

Low cost PIR sensor module with fresnel lens

This is a Low Cost version for PIR module series from COMedia Ltd. Its designed for cost sensitive consumer product, except the IC package format, all the mechanical and electrical spec is same as KC7783.
Passive Infrared (PIR) Module is a module that is useful for detecting the presence of a movement by humans. This module works by keeping the temperature before and then compare it with the current temperature, if there is a difference then it is considered there is a difference. This module uses a passive infrared sensor.

  • IC soft package b dice bonding technique
  • small size 25*35mm
  • ball lens is included as standard configuration
  • 3 leads flat cable for easy connection
  • 4 mounting hole on board
  • high sensitivity
  • high immunity to RFI
  • power up delay to prevent from false triggering
  • output high for direct connects to control panel

- DC Power Supply: 4.7 - 12 V
- Range of Detection: 5 Meter (Max) at an angle of 0 °
- High Output Voltage: 5 V
- Output Pulse width: 0.5 Sec (Min)