Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Carbon Kevlar Hexapod Robot Kit, The 2nd Pro version

Hexapod robot kit is 6 feet by 3 degrees of freedom for each leg. Designed by using the carbon kevlar material is very light so as to make the robot can move without a great power. Equipped with a hexapod motion to set the firmware via the serial port
This robot kit also uses a battery with a voltage of 7.4 Volt to 6 Volt and is regulated for each leg servo with Low Drop Output Regulators robot so that the performance does not decrease when the battery capacity begins to decline

Specs and equipped:
- The total weight including servo motor 1500 mg
- The size of the robot:
* Length 28 cm
* The width of 28 cm when docked
* The width when stretched 35 cm
Height 18 cm
- 12 Motor Servo HS-645 MG
- 6 HS-225 Servo Motor BB
- 1 HS-311 Servo Motor
- Microcontroller System Firmware ATMega32 + hexapod
- Does not require an external downloader (Onboard USB Downloader)
- D-Ultrasonic Sonar Range finder to detect obstacles
- Battery 7.4V / 5200mAh
- 6 Low Drop Regulator Module Output current capacity of each robot 3A for each leg