Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Carbon Kevlar Hexapod Robot Kit, Pro version

Hexapod robot kit (6 feet) by 3 degrees of freedom for each leg. Designed by using the carbon kevlar material is very light so as to make the robot can move without a great power. Equipped with a hexapod motion to set the firmware via the serial port

Specification and equipped:
- The total weight including servo motor 1500 mg
- The size of the robot:
* Length 28 cm
* The width of 28 cm when docked
* The width when stretched 35 cm
* Height 18 cm
- 12 Motor Servo HS-645 MG
- 6 HS-225 Servo Motor BB
- 1 HS-311 Servo Motor
- Microcontroller System Firmware ATMega32 + hexapod
- Does not require an external downloader (Onboard USB Downloader)
- D-Ultrasonic Sonar Range finder to detect obstacles
- Battery 6V / 4000mAh