Friday, June 11, 2010

Neo Relay Board

Neo Relay Board is an output module consists of eight pieces of mechanical type relay SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw). Each relay is equipped with LED indicators and connectors NO (normally open), NC (normally Close) and COM (Common).

Dimension Relay Board 0510 Neo: 16.1 cm  x 8.4 cm  x 1.9 cm


* Consisting of eight pieces of mechanical relays, each connector has NO, NC, COM.
* Using plugable terminal blocks, thus simplifying the installation of equipment to the relay contacts.
* Each of the relay is equipped with LED indicators to indicate active / least relays.
* Requires +5 V DC power supply for control circuit VCC.
* Equipped with EMI filter on power supply input lines to suppress the entry of noise into the other control circuits in the system.
* Added control relay is compatible with TTL and CMOS voltage levels.
* Equipped with a delay feature to protect equipment connected to the relay contacts of the uncertain conditions when the power supply is activated.
* Available places & PCB pad to install the MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) between NO - COM or NC - COM. MOV can extend the life of the contact and prevent RFI.
* Fully compatible with the DT-51 ™ Low Cost series and DT-AVR Low Cost series, as well as support the DT-51 ™ Minimum System, DT-51 ™ is targeted, DT-BASIC series, and other control systems.
* There are some products with a voltage rating of the relay coil & contact different, namely:
o  Relay Board Neo 0510: use a 5V relay with contact rating 10A/250VAC.
o  Relay Board Neo 1210: use a 12V relay with contact rating 10A/240VAC.
o  Relay Board Neo 2410: use a 24V relay with contact rating 10A/250VAC.