Monday, June 14, 2010

Spider Hexapod robot kit MSR-H01

MSR-H01 is a 3 Degree Of Freedom hexapod kit consisting of 26 precision laser-cut 5053 aluminum body and leg components in one of three anodized colors: Silver, Red or Black. The kit comes with all screws, stand-offs, nuts and bolts for assembly (servos, electronics and batteries are not included).

The M3 & M4 machine screws included are high quality, stainless steel, hexagon button head type, with steel hexagon stand-offs. The top body plate has mounting holes for a p.Brain-SMB or SSC32 controller. With the electronics mounted underneath the top body plate, there is still enough room within the body for a 5 cell Sub-C battery pack. An optional PP3 battery holder can be fitted within the body frame for a clean, logic power supply. At the front of the hexapod there is a servo mounting point for an optional pan/tilt head.

Dimensions when standing: 280mm x 320mm x 175mm (LxWxH)

One aspect that lets many robot kits down is the control electronics, MSRL are pleased to announce the release of the p.Brain-HexEngine: with the HexEngine electronics & firmware, taking control of your hexapod has never been easier. The HexEngine can be configured using a PC serial port & terminal software, and comes with default settings for the MSR-H01 kit for fast configuration. Once configured controlling your hexapod can be achieved via a serial link using a separate controller such as a basic stamp, or over an optional bluetooth link from a remote system. Further information: HexEngine product, Hexengine information,