Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The ID-40 medium-range reader

The ID-40 is an inexpensive medium-range reader for the popular EM4001 format 125KHz tags. Read ranges of over 40cm(typically 45cm) are possible with ID-Innovations long range cards. The ID-40 also features RS232, Wiegand26, and Magnetic ABA Track2 output formats. The reader is encapsulated for environmental protection. The ID-40 provides solutions for medium-range RF reader applications such as some through wall readers.

• Long Read Range
• Through-wall applications
• Strong Water Resistant Enclosure
• 7-13VDC working

Parameter Conditions:
  • Power Requirements 7-12V DC
  • Current Consumption 80mA nominal
  • Frequency 125 KHz
  • Read Range Over 40 cm with ID-Innovations Long Range Cards
  • Interfaces RS232 (9600, n, 8, 1), Wiegand26 and Magnetic ABA Track(ii)
  • Transponder Read-only 64 bits, Manchester encoded
  • Read Indication LED and Beeper
  • Dimensions 115mm x 75mm x 18mm
  • Nominal Weight 250gm