Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Motor Driver Board For Raspberry Pi

Motor Driver Board For Raspberry Pi is a Raspberry Pi compatible modules that can be used to control two DC motors or a stepper motor through GPIO pins available on Raspberry Pi. This module uses the MC88336 motor driver IC that serves to regulate the motor's rotational direction (forward and reverse) and have also been equipped with an IR receiver on-board which serves to provide remote functionality to the driver of this motor.

- Compatible with the Raspberry Pi A + / B + / 2B / 3B.
- Using H-Bridge motor driver Freescale MC33886 H-bridge to control the direction of rotation of the motor.
- Equipped with a 5V voltage regulator on-board.
- Equipped with on-board IR receiver.
- Equipped with dual circuit protection system.
- Equipped with fuse 2 A Raspberry Pi to protect you in the event of a short circuit.
- Support the working voltage of 7 V - 40 V.
- Ability to stream current to the motor up to 5 A.