Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Gravity: Starter Sensor Set for LattePanda

kit consisting of multiple sensors that are compatible for mini PC LattePanda, such as PIR sensor, gas sensor MQ2, fire sensors, and so forth. The entire sensor on this kit can be easily accessed via the interface gravity that is plug-and-play, so you just need to plug these sensors to the connector located on LattePanda gravity without the need to mess around with complicated wiring. This sensor kit is suitable for beginners as well as professionals who want to develop project-based physical-computing.

- 1x PIR (Motion) Sensor
- 1x Analog MQ2 Gas Sensor
- 1x Analog Sensor Fire
- 1x Analog Temperature Sensor LM35
- 1x Light Sensor Analog
- 1x Sensor Conflict (left)
- 1x Sensor Conflict (right)
- 1x Digital Push Button (white)
- Push Button 1x digital (blue)
- 1x Analog Rotation Sensor V2
- 1x Digital LED Module (blue)
- 1x Digital LED module (red)
- 1x Digital LED module (white)
- 1x Relay Module V3.1
- 14x Gravity Sensor Cables