Thursday, November 10, 2016

IO Expansion Shield for Intel® Edison (without Edison)

An I / O module in addition to Inte Edison. This module can be used to facilitate you in the execution of projects of the Internet of Things (IOT) Intel-based Edison, because this module already there are various expansion interface that you can use as input and output path for Intel Edison. This module also supports the open source Arduino platform and Linux, and Java development on the environment and C. In addition, the module can also function as a standalone communication platform on software such as Flash, Processing, Max / MSP and VVVV.

- Power Supply: 5V
- Output voltage: 5V
- Pin I / O Digital: 14 (D0-D13)
- Output PWM: 4 (D3, D5, D6, D9)
- I²C Interface: 1
- Pin DC current I / O: 10mA
- Dimensions: 70 x 55 x 15 mm
- Weight: 28.6 g
- Supports USB power supply and external power supply
- Supports Broadcom 43 340 802.11 a / b / g / n dual band (2.4G and 5GHz) WiFi
- Supports Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy

Note: In this module sales package does not include Intel Edison