Wednesday, June 15, 2011

PT5100 Shearbeam Load Cell

PT5100 Shearbeam (500kg to 5000kg Stainless Steel) IP68 Shear Beam

The PT5100 shear beam is a quality stainless steel load cell welded sealed to IP68 for use in demanding environmental conditions or where peace of mind for a long life of demanding use is desired.

We have trimmed all the non-essential fat off these load cells, however you can be sure that nothing has been trimmed from the actual load cells, they are precision tested and certified to meet all the exacting requirements on the technical specifications shown below.

Each load cell comes with the standard PT Ltd serial numbered accuracy certificate


Signal Output at Capacity 2±0.005mV/V
Linearity Error < 0.020% FSO
Non-Repeatability < 0.010% FSO
Combined Error <0.020% FSO
Hysteresis < 0.020% FSO
Creep/(30 mins) < 0.020% FSO
Zero Balance < 1% Capacity
Temperature Effect On Span/10C) < 0.015% FSO
Temperature Effect on Zero/10C) < 0.015% FSO
Operating Temperature Range: 20 ~ 65 C
Storage Temperature Range:  50 ~ 85 C
Excitation + ve RED
Signal + ve GREEN
Service Load  100% of Rated Capacity
Safe Sideload  150% of Rated Capacity
Safe Side Load 100% Capacity
Ultimate Load 300% Capacity
Input Resistance 350Ω ± 3Ω
Output Resistance 350Ω ± 3Ω
Insulation Resistance > 5000 MΩ (@ 50 VDC)
Excitation Voltage (Rec) 5 ~ 15V AC/DC
Excitation Voltage (Max) 18 V AC/DC
Cable 6m, Dia, 4.5~5.0 mm
Material 17-4PH Stainless Steel
Excitation -ve BLACK
Signal -ve      WHITE

  • PT5100-500kg
  • PT5100-1000kg
  • PT5100-2000kg
  • PT5100-3000kg
  • PT5100-5000kg