Thursday, June 09, 2011

Altera University Program 2 , FPGA development kit

The UP2 Education Board is a stand-alone experiment board based on a ® ® FLEX 10K device and includes a MAX 7000 device. When used with the Quartus II software, the board provides a superior platform for learning digital logic design using industry-standard development tools and PLDs. 

The University Program UP2 Education Kit was designed to meet the needs of universities teaching digital logic design with state-of-the-art development tools and programmable logic devices (PLDs). The package provides all of the necessary tools for creating and implementing digital logic designs, including the following features:
■ Quartus® II Web-Edition development software
■ UP2 Education Board
– An EPF10K70 device in a 240-pin power quad flat pack (RQFP) package
– An EPM7128S device in an 84-pin plastic J-lead chip carrier (PLCC) package
■ ByteBlasterTM II parallel port download cable