Sunday, September 19, 2010

Neato XV-11 , the laser vacuum cleaner robot

Neato Robotics has debuted the Neato XV-11, which is another one of their products that will “free people from household chores.” But it doesn’t do dishes.

Basically, the Neato XV-11 gets a 360-degree view of the target room, and then maps out a cleaning plan. It follows the route, and then backtracks to get every little piece of dust from every nook and cranny it possibly can. The petite vacuum is less than four inches tall, so it should be able to fit under almost everything.

Best of all, it can be scheduled when to clean - even daily if you’re really messy. Once finished, the Neato XV-11 returns to the dock by itself for charging.

This is the only robotic vacuum that maps a room's parameters and obstacles and cleans the entire floor in the most efficient, linear pattern . An onboard laser identifies walls, furniture, and doorways, creating a digital map the robot uses to confirm where it's been, where it needs to go, and avoid obstacles that other robotic vacuums can only detect by impact. The robot begins by vacuuming a room's perimeter and continues in a human-like, back-and-forth manner without traveling over the same area more than once. 

Because of its methodical, efficient movement, the robot conserves power for its vacuum suction--the most powerful in a robotic vacuum--that removes dirt or pet hair in one pass. It repeatedly updates the map to account for objects that may have been moved or added to the room during the cleaning process and automatically moves on to the next room only when it's vacuumed every square inch. 

The robot cleans up to four rooms per charge, automatically returns to its drive-on charger when its battery runs low, and resumes cleaning where it left off once it's fully recharged. Includes an easy to remove dirt bin and two air filters. Recharges in three hours. 13" W x 12 1/2" L x 4" H