Monday, September 27, 2010

Arexx Robot Arm

Arexx Robot Arm, the 6 Servo robot, by definition, is driven by six servo motor robotic arm. Since it is the arm, then there a few joints, we can think of, we the human arm, in addition to the shoulder, elbow, wrist three joints, the combined finger joints, there are a lot of joints. So Arexx Robot Arm is the same arm, with six servo motor to realize the simple structure of a hand, no one apart from so many joints, but also lacks some nervous tissue and nervous system, however, has the "smart hand" (to be completed complex assembly, handling or humanoid hand grab eggs) of the "humanoid" robot is the robot forward.

The six servo machines, to clever mechanical structure, combined with its control system, showing a 6 Degree Of Freedom robot action control system. It uses three 13 kg torque metal gear, a 3.2kg, 2.3kg of two precision aluminum servo and some combination of processing components. Currently, the company's robotic arm to 390mm length of the main 32-way controller to control the operation of a robot arm moves, the controller uses atmega168 MCU, and computer RS232 serial communication, which can control 32 servo motor, dual power Power (6 ~ 12V Power MCU, 4.8 ~ 6V servo motor power supply [servo motor power supply with 1-16 Road and 17-32, respectively Road power port]), and also has wi-fi wireless control module set aside ISP download mouth, with STK500 ISP download cable will be able to download the MCU control procedures.