Thursday, December 18, 2008

SX Tech Tool Kit

If you have not yet programmed an SX, now is the time to get started. Parallax offers free development software, including SX/B, a BASIC language compiler for the SX microcontroller designed to help the transition from higher-level programming to assembly language. Using the SX-Key® USB, the primary development tool for the SX line of microcontrollers, you can program SX chips in-system and perform in-circuit source-level debugging.

The SX Tech Tool Kit is well-equipped with supporting material that makes it a great starting point to begin developing projects with the SX microcontroller. The SX Tech Tool Kit includes: SX-Key USB, SX Tech Board, (2) SX 28AC/DP chips, 50 MHz resonator, 4 MHz resonator, Scrolling Text Medal (available in kits while supplies last), SX-Key USB Manual v2.0, Programming the SX Microcontroller book by Gunther Daubach, and a USB cable.
Introduced in 1997, the SX chip is extremely fast, providing up to 75 MIPS of processing power in an 8-bit microcontroller. Deterministic timing makes interrupt programming easy and the SX can be programmed in its native low-level (assembly) language or the free SX/B compiler. The SX microcontroller is recommended for those who would like low cost and raw processing power. Previous microcontroller experience is also recommended.