Friday, June 26, 2020

Smart Citizen Kit

The Smart Citizen Kit is the core of the Smart Citizen System: a complete set of modular hardware components aiming to provide tools for environmental monitoring, ranging from citizen science and educational activities to more advanced scientific research. The system is designed in an extendable way, with a central data logger (the Data Board) with network connectivity to which the different components are branched. The system also integrats non-hardware components such as a dedicated storage platform and a sensor analysis framework.
On top of that, the system is meant to serve as a base solution for more complex settings, not only related with air quality monitoring. For that purpose, in addition to the Urban Board, the system also provides off-the-shelf support for a wide variety of third party sensors, using the expansion bus as a common port. One example is the Smart Citizen Station: a full solution for low cost air pollution monitoring.

  • Property Unit Sensor
  • Air Temperature Celsius Sensirion SHT31
  • Relative Humidity %rh Sensirion SHT31
  • Noise Level dBA Invensense ICS4342
  • Ambient Light lx Rohm BH1721FVC
  • Barometric Pressure kPa NXP MPL3115A2
  • Equivalent Carbon Dioxide ppm AMS CCS811
  • Volatile Organic Compounds ppb AMS CCS811
  • Particle Matter ug/m3 Plantower PMS 5003

Measure onsite weather conditions and discover how your home insulation or local vegetation have an impact on your everyday life! 
Also, weather condition metrics have an influence on the air quality readings listed below. 
Air pollution is a significant health and Particles ecological issue around the world! 
Measure the key pollutants and discover which are the primary sources of pollution in your neighbourhood and how to fight them.
Measure noise to understand how it influences
Measure ambient light to find out the consequences of urbanisation in rural areas, or obtain valuable information to complete your environmental data readings

  • SCK Controller Board
  • SCK Sensor Boardx
The following sensors are included in the kit: 
Use Smart Citizen as a tool for data capture and analysis. Understand the relationship between people, environment, and technology through real-world deployment. Contribute to the project by joining the open source development community.