Sunday, February 25, 2018

ATTEN ATF20B 20MHz DDS Function Generator

Atten ATF20B function generator is a device that diidukung by Synthesis Technology Digital technology, thus making it have a high sensitivity and can perform the measurement process in a very quick time. 
Atten ATF20B designed with a minimalist form so comfortable. Atten ATF20B also has accompanied the 3.5-inch LCD panel that you can use to monitor the status of operations and the measurement device.

Features and Specifications:
- Power Supply: 220 VAC / 110 VAC 
- Power consumption: <45va div="" nbsp="">
- Humidity: 0-80% 
- Control Operation: Keypad and knob 
- Dimensions: 415 mm x 295 mm x 195 mm 
- Display: TFT display, 320x240 
- Equipped with technology Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS), which provides two independent output channels. 
- Equipped with a 3.5-inch TFT LCD. 
- Resolution of frequency up to 40 MHz. 
- There are 32 types of waveform selection. 
- Supports FM modulation, FSK, ASK, PSK 
- Frequency sweep, amplitude sweep and burst functions 
- Support for calculation of frequency, period, amplitude RMS value or the value of the peak-to-peak
- Equipped with over-voltage protection, over-current, output short-circuit and polarity reversibility.