Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Graphic LCD 128x64 Blue STN White Backlight Ver 3.0

Graphic LCD 128x64 Blue ver 3.0 is a graphical LCD display module that can be used to display monochrome images. This module can be applied to display company logo, personal data, temperature sensor data, humidity sensor data, and so on.

-Large display 128 x 64 pixels.
-Color white color with blue backlight.
-Complete with conversion program from image file with extension .BMP to ready .asm file
Use as well as a demo program so as to accelerate and simplify its use.
-Complete with ready-made routines (ASM51) and sample programs (ASM51 ©, BASCOM-8051 ©, CVAVR ©, and BASCOM-AVR ©).
-Compatible with DT-51 ?? Minimum System ver 3.x, DT-51 ?? PetraFuz, DT-51 ?? Low Cost Micro System, and DT-AVR Low -Cost Micro System, as well as supporting other microcontroller / microprocessor systems.
-Requires + 5VDC power supply.
-Dimension: 10,12 cm (P) x 7.27 cm (L) x 2.64 cm (T)