Friday, March 31, 2017

Mini Metal Gear High Speed Motor Set

Mini Metal Gear High Speed Motor Set is a set of drive wheels for the product DT-Robot Line Follower. The product consists of two wheels, 2 pieces DC Gear Motor and 1 free wheel. Equipped with Metal Gear in each respective dc motors, making this product suitable for applications wheeled robot kit.
- Mur 3 mm and 3x8 mm bolt.
- Clamp.
- Motorcycle.
- Bracket.
- Wheel Driving.
- Castor (free wheel).
- 30mm plastic spacers and bolts 3x5 mm.

Working voltage of 5VDC
No-load current consumption 100mA
Current consumption -
Maksumum torque of 700
The maximum rotary speed of 246 rpm
Shape and size of the shaft -
Dimensions without shaft -
Gear box Metal Gear Box