Friday, December 03, 2010

DustEZE HEPA Vacuum Eraser

DustEZE Suit for School/Office/Home use to reduce the Chalk Eraser Chalk Dust Allergy Very Easy------
Revolutionary New Patented, 9-stage DustEZE 3 in One HEPA Cleaner.DustEZE Electric Vacuum Chalk Eraser Cleaner can clean all kinds of chalk eraser cleaner such as cotton chalk eraser ,sponge chalk eraser,felt chalk eraser in only seconds.
Innovation Electric Vacuum Chalk Eraser Cleaner with HEPA filtration, not only suit for all kind of chalkboard or marker board eraser clean,but also suit for duster and dry floor mop dusting.
DustEZE. Got Usa,Europe,China,Hongkong,India,Vietnam,Taiwan Worldwide Patent and USA/CANADA ETL+CETL SAFETY,EUROPE CE SAFETY,JAPAN PSE SAFETY ,CB SAFETY APPROVAL ,not only the motor but for DustEZE whole machine had got safety approval.
It is a very new innovative patented green product; it could reduce much more cost and labor not only for the school chalkboard and kids easel chalkboard Eraser cleaning but also suit for duster which can use in place to clean computer,whiteboard,screen,furniture and take care the health for teacher, student, and housewife.
Base on the 13 years experience for manufacture, 2nd DustEZE Multi Functional HEPA Vacuum Eraser Cleaner. We have many innovative in the new model, such as 9-stage HEPA Filtration ,dust full indicator, dustproof cover, dustproof cover misdirection protect,HEPA filter install failed protect,dustbag absent protect, replaceable slice brush, and so on,More safety and easy to maintain. , Lower power consumption, Long time low noise,. Prolong the life of DustEZE.
DustEZE has many advantage as following:


(1)High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter: set ahead the motor, can suck up the dust completely and keep the discharged air clean, also can prolong its life-DustEZE HEPA Vacuum Chalk Eraser Cleaner.
(2)Dust full indicator: when the dust bag or HEPA filter are full of dust, the“dust full indicator” will turn to red-DustEZE HEPA Vacuum Chalk Eraser Cleaner.
(3)Dustproof cover: This product is applied with exact hermetical also durable for cleanout structure. That make this appliance can keep clean inside and outside for a long time, also can keep dust from spreading effectively which will pollute those inner components. It also can reduce the time spend on maintenance and avoiding those spreading dust suck into motor for prolonging the life of motor-DustEZE HEPA Vacuum Chalk Eraser Cleaner.
(4)HEPA filter install failed protect function: While the HEPA filter is not installed, it will do not work for protecting motor and keeping dust from leaking-DustEZE HEPA Vacuum Chalk Eraser Cleaner.
(5)Dustbag absent protect function: If dustbag is absent or placed incorrectly, the top cover will can not be closed-DustEZE HEPA Vacuum Chalk Eraser Cleaner.
(6)Replaceable slice brush: Cleaning the dust thoroughly, if it is wore away, which can be replaced by oneself easily-DustEZE HEPA Vacuum Chalk Eraser Cleaner.
(7)Overheat protect function: Equip with“Reset thermostat protector”on the motor to prevent the motor from any breakage caused by overheat-DustEZE HEPA Vacuum Chalk Eraser Cleaner.
(8)Over loading of electric current protect function:
(a).100~120v:Apply with Non-fuse electric current switch can prevent the product from any damage caused by over loading of electric current. And it is no necessary to change fuse for instauration, but only press the reset button under the base-DustEZE HEPA Vacuum Chalk Eraser Cleaner.
(b).220~240v:It can prevent the product from any damage caused by over loading of electric current. And it is easy to change fuse-DustEZE
3.220-240v/400w(EUROPE CE+CB SAFETY)
4.PACKAGE SIZE:305(L)x170(W)x185(H)mm(1pcs);540(L)X330(W)X400(H)mm(6pcs)
5.G. W: 2. 6kg/N. W: 2. 3kg
9.SERIES NO:RH602560002