Thursday, October 07, 2010

Low Cost programmable mobile robot with ATMega8515 (Local Assembling)

Low Cost programmable mobile robot with ATMega 8515 (Local Assembling), for multipurpose mobile robot.
tech specs:
  • 4 wheel mobile 
  • 1:22 gearbox ratio
  • with ATMega 8515 CPU Core that consist 35bit I/O
  • 2 line follower sensor thant  adjustable for thin and thick lines.
  • 4 limit switch for bump detecting
  • interfacing for programming via USB, serial , or Infrared
  • equipped with usb cable and serial cable for programming
  • equipped with C libraries
  • equipped with CD program and manual
  • built in buzzer
  • 2 port with high currect output ready