Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Samsung P2370, 23" Ultra-Slim design LCD monitor

Samsung P2370, 23" Ultra-Slim design LCD monitor

Thin is always in.
Front, back or sideways, our ultra-slim P2370 is a stunning addition to any room. With a screen depth of only 30 mm, the P2370 can be placed anywhere plus, ToC™ adds a touch of unique style to its surroundings with a hint of rich red infused into the bezel. Sporting a slim, innovative design, the P2370 is so beautiful that blending in is almost impossible.

Available in green.
Energy Star rated, our P2370 use up to 33% less power. That’s equal to planting four new trees per year. Plus, the power-off feature automatically shuts off the monitor when you’re not using it, not only saving energy but also prolonging the monitor life. Being green never felt so good, or was this easy.

No grey areas.
Don’t be afraid of the dark. Or the light. The P2370 ensures your dark and light colours are never compromised. It uses a contrast ratio of 50,000:1, partnered with a response time of only 2ms. Making images clearer, more vivid and more likely to move you to the edge of your seat.

Even life isn’t this real.
You’ll want to take a second look at SAMSUNG’s P2370. And a third and a fourth. At 1920 x 1080 it delivers breathtakingly vivid HD on a wide screen. There’s so much photorealistic detail that every time you watch something on it, you’ll feel like you’re seeing it for the very first time.