Saturday, April 17, 2010

8.5GHz Radar Light Switch

8.5GHz Radar Light Switch,based on Doppler Effect.Taking latest advanced planar antenna to effectively inhibited high-order harmonic signals. When people stay at sensor range, Radar Detector will automatically connect to the load. People stay at sensor range, Radar Detector will continue to connect the load. Automatically turns off the load after people leave.It will light up when people are here; it will light out when people away to achieve energy-saving minus carbon purpose.

* Feature Exclusive Patent.
* Special design, can instead of traditional Switch.
* Don´t worry wrong line connected caused short-circuited. Just connect original power line, don´t need to connect with fire wire.
* With night-light instruction, hand-operated or auto-operate for your best choice.
* Auto-start sensing light function at night.
* Can be as ON/OFF, it will keep open after you press ON/OFF key, easy for office using.
* Wireless UHF microwave detecting to avoid the PIR causing working error, no-operating, short distance , etc. which are causing by weather, temperature changing.
* Reduce PIR failure rate.
* Detect distance over 15M.
* Strong penetration, can penetrate wall, glasses and so on.
* Well responsive, almost no dead angel.

* Application Auto-sensing light
* Staircase walkway light
* Outdoor turf sensor light
* Parking light control light
* Traffic light signal control light
* Office power management
* Monitor anti-theft auto lighting