Tuesday, January 19, 2010


ROBOBOX 3.0 is an intelligent robot kit that is ideal for beginners and suitable for everyone who wants to learn about robotics. A compact programmable microcontroller board acts to control the workings of the robot and users use the friendly LOGO language in either text or graphical icons making it ideal for those with no previous programming experience.


* Quick and easy to assemble - no soldering required.
* Programmed using easy-to-use LOGO language - ideal for robot beginners, those with no programming experience and use in schools and colleges.
* Complete packages including everything required to build and operate five different robot projects.
* Experiments cover simple wheel and track-based robots, light-following and line-tracing techniques plus use in sumo and fire-fighting competitions.
* Supplied with detailed and easy-to-follow documentation covering robot assembly and programming.
* Wide range of optional interface boards and sensors available.

Five Robot Projects

1 - COMPACT-BOT - a simple wheeled robot that detects collisions using touch sensors.
2 - LIGHT-BOT - a wheeled robot that detects and follows a light source.
3 - PICOTANK-BOT - a track-based robot that follows a line.
4 - SUMOTANK-BOT - a track-based robot for sumo competitions.
5 - SUMOPACT-BOT - a wheel-based robot for sumo competitions.

link in rosesana.indonetwork.co.id