Tuesday, May 12, 2009

AT89STK evaluation board by ATMEL

The Flash Evaluation Board dedicated to the AT89C5130/31A and the AT8xC5122D USB microcontrollers. This board is designed to enable an easy evaluation of the Mass Storage USB class using demonstration firmware (refer to firmware Guide). It must be plugged to a CPU board (AT89C5130/31A or AT8xC5122 D evaluation board).


The Flash evaluation board provides the following features:
�� Support the following microcontrollers :
– AT89C5130A
– AT89C5131A
– AT8xC5122D

�� No external power supply required
– Power supplied by the USB line via the CPU board (AT89C5130/31A or AT8xC5122 D evaluation board)
�� On board DataFlash memory (ATMEL AT45DB321B, 4MB)
�� Support Nand Flash memory (MICRON MT29F2GO8AABWP, 256MB) - Add-on board
�� Support Pluggable DataFlash Card (ATMEL AT45DCB004C, 4 MB)