Monday, March 30, 2009

Electronic Exchange rate display board

Electronic Exchange rate display board by Innovue is designed with focus and reliability. Easy installation and aesthetic. With modern and elegant 'frameless' design, it will make waiting room become comfortable place for the customer.

Suitable for Banks, Money Exchangers, Hotel Lounge, Airport, business public ports, etc.

  • Display : seven segment LED (indoor)
  • LED Color : red
  • LED size : 0.8"
  • Digits of LED : 7 digits
  • Currencies : 6/9 rows , 2 columns (buy & sell rate)
  • Deposit rate : 4 rows & 2 columns
  • Moving sign Display udpdated via keyboard
  • Time/date and Exchange rate update via serial RS-232 or remote controlled
  • Built in Realtime Clock for Time and date display
  • Software for PC interfacing ready
  • Durable and elegant aluminum case
  • Frameless Acrylic front panel, 5mm thick with printing film
  • Memory Backup to keep the latest exchange info rate , when power failed
  • Company's logo and artwork can customizable, according the request.
  • Optional leg stand (not necessary)